Wednesday, March 8, 2017

So today I totally did the unthinkable. I'm not sure what I was thinking or why I even attempted it. I truly must have been off my rocker and experiencing a moment of temporary insanity. What did I do? I let my four year old stay home from school today to have mommy and daughter time, which we have everyday. It was just that when I woke her up for school today and got her dressed she was absolutely adorable. She had the little raspy voice thing going and she sounded so cute. I just wanted to squeeze her and love on her all day. So once I got her older sisters off to school I decided it was just going to be me and her! I was going to come home do a little homework and we would be off. What was I thinking. In the little time which has only been an hour exactly she has come and ask for ice cream, popsicles, lip gloss, for me to change the television station, her sister's tablet, cheese-its, oatmeal ,milk, a fudge bar, to fix her dress, to go to the mall and to Walmart. Now half of these items she's asked for are nowhere in this house. What a four year old could possibly need at the mall I have no idea and I'm guessing that if I took her to Walmart we could buy all those things she so desperately wanted. I am too tired at this moment to continue our mommy daughter day. Her education is more important than mommy daughter time so I will be signing her in late today at school!